Complaints procedure

Do you have a complaint about our services, products or another question? Then we find this very annoying and we would like to look with you at a suitable solution for your complaint. For this we have taken a number of steps that you can go through, in this way we can best handle your complaint and resolve it for you.

Step 1

Report your complaint to your You can do this by sending an e-mail to, it clearly states the word "complaint" in the title or you call our customer service: 085 - 222 00 00.

Step 2

If your complaint has been reported to us, we will look at a suitable solution. For example, you get a suitable alternative to a product that is not in stock or we ensure that your product is made.

Step 3 comes with a suitable solution for your complaint. Do you not agree with our proposal? Then we would like to hear from you what you see as a suitable solution. Of course hopes to end up with you here.

(Step 4)

Are we not coming out together? We will do everything we can to not let it get that far and to look for a suitable solution together with you.